How It Works

The International Global Pay

How It Works


To start off in order to enjoy our services, you firstly need to register yourself at our platform . All your information should be accurate in order to prevent any confusions and risks.
Firstly, sign up and initiate your 'One time Setup' at our platform.
The information consists of your name, Date of birth, country , gender , email id, etc.
After filling all the necessary details, you'll be asked to confirm your email using OTP or activation link. The verification of your email will always ensure a safer experience for our customer.
By its verification, all the essential updates, marketing messages can be sent to you whenever needed.

Password reset

How to reset and recover your password?
Have you forgotten your password?No worries! Just follow easy steps
1. You can always reset your password with OTP or Reset link.
2.The OTP will be sent directly to your email from where you can instantly get the OTP and reset the password.
3.Ultimately, you can again sign in and enjoy the experience .
Master Card activation-
Master card activation serves a very huge and important purpose to start with your payment services.
This is why, our platform always focuses on ensuring instant activation to provide a great customer experience. Within speedy steps, you can activate your master card at our platform .
First, you will need to fill all the mastercard details which need to be accurate and real Now, you will receive a confirmation mail which will aid you to activate your mastercard
Our platform enables an instant mastercard activation that can build a better experience for a customer.
Moreover, we always ensure to provide a complete detailed overvoey of your activation.
It includes your full name, Email Id, Payment Date, Chosen Master card type , Payed Amount, Activation date, Wallet Limits, Withdrawal Limits.
All the details that we provide ensure a very transparent amd detailed information which can be used be our customers for further assistance.

KYC Verification Request

KYC refers to Know Your Customer which enables banks to verify your personal identity for a safe and reliable process.
It is a prerequisite to provide on our platform.
KYC always include Mandatory Documents , Identity proof , address proof, Income Proof etc All these precious details are well secure with us.
So We request a KYC Verification through email .
The information include your full name, E-mail Id and Last due date of KYC.
This way, our platform renders you a very safe experience for your future benefits.

Master Card Activation Request

We send you Master Card Activation request to your email instantly.
It requires your Name, Email Id, card Options, Card Prices , Card limit and validity.
Master card activation is very much similar to 'Upgrading to a premium version of website' wherein you can avail more features and flexibilities, Moreover , we offer 4 different types of Mastercards with different prices and flexibilities.
Our various options benefit the user to willingly choose any one out of the four options.
Therefore, we always ensure a broader and amazing experience for our valuable customers.

Master Card Delivery

Now , our platform is also responsible for master card delivery with ease and comfort.
The information included will be your full name, Email id , Card Details, PDF which will contain all the important details and the precautions.
In this procedure, a mail will be sent to the user's once all the steps of master activation are completed with accuracy and integrity.
After the completion of activation, the Master card will be ready to be delivered. Moreover , the user will also receive a refund of the Activation Charge in their wallet once the master card is activated.
With all our personalised experience and efforts, the delivery of your master card takes place.
For a detailed and very clear information, a pdf will be sent to you via mail .
This pdf will contain all the specific details and description .
We always ensure a very hassle free, speedy and reliable Master card delivery experience to our valuable customers.
Our hassle free and very efficient support allows you to take the benefts of the mastercard anytime around the globe.

Our Features

International Global Pay is a one of a kind, life changing company. We will show the way to successive.

Our Aim

We have clearcut goal to provide top notch Payment services with low interexchange fees, fair pricing, speedy transfer of payment and very secure data encryption to our customers. Thus , we have always aimed to make our customers " financially Successful" .

About Us

Our platform renders High quality Solutions to ' Cross border Payment Systems' with revolutionised and evolved concepts which can be used by our Customer in just a few clicks anytime,anywhere.

Our Mission

We always have a clear agenda to provide a 'Reliable, Smoother, Secure and Speedy' Payment solutions worldwide to our precious customers .

Our Vision

With the emerging problems with respect to Cross border payment translations, we at ' International global pay' always have a vision and a technology based approach which can simplify all your payment hassles and hitches within few clicks anytime anywhere. While revolutionising the payment methods and systems, our highly impressive team always believe in upliftment of the payment solutions for a better world in the future.

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We always have a clear agenda to provide a 'Reliable, Smoother, Secure and Speedy' Payment solutions worldwide to our precious customers .